How to Protect Upholstery?


Protecting your upholstery is a major issue – especially when you have a premium piece of furniture inside your home. It’s so obvious! After spending your hard earned money on the extravagant furniture, no one would like to see a spilled cup of tea ruining your investment. You never know when the problem arises, and all you can do is, be very careful about your upholstery at home or office.

Well folks, forget about the things that have been bugging you all this while. Check out some useful tips on how to protect your Upholstery.

Use furniture fabric Protection products

There used to be a time when the plastic cushion cover was the best available option for the fabric protection. Though plastic covers are effective, the comfort is compromised.

Thankfully, upholstery protection is no longer dependent on those, unappealing and uncomfortable plastics. These days, furniture fabric protection products are available in almost every store. These products have minimum or no odor and leave no residues on your upholstery. Most of these products are in liquid form – generally packaged in a spray bottle.

Scheduled Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery that has been left unattended can accumulate dusts and stains. Longer you avoid cleaning it, the harder it gets to clean. In such cases, Upholstery cleaning can get tiresome. When you aggressively rub the surface of your furniture, the dirt particles can damage the fabric.

If you are using chemical detergent, you really need to be aware of the product. A wrong selection can spoil the original color and the beauty of your whole furniture.

So what’s the solution? Simply, make it a habit to vacuum or brush the upholstery on a regular basis – depending on the quality of the fabrics. Also, make sure that you are following the manufacturers’ instructions all the time.

Consult with professionals

So you are a doctor, an engineer or someone who really don’t have time to clean your upholsteries. At such times, hiring experts is always a good idea. They can easily indentify the appropriate product for the specific fabric.

Since they are professionals, you can always be sure that the look and the feel of your upholstery will not be compromised.

If you think that hiring professionals can cost you your week’s earning, then give it one more thought. It’s definitely lesser than replacing the furniture that you damaged while trying to clean it by yourself.

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